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Cemented Carbide Products

China Tungsten Carbide Rod manufacturer

Tungsten Carbide Rod

Grand Sea Cemented Carbide rod which is hard and tough, is the raw material of producing the alloy cutting tools such as end milling cutter, drill and... More
China Cemented Carbide Tools for Mining manufacturer

Cemented Carbide Tools for Mining

Grand Sea Cemented Carbide Buttons have high wear resistance and impact toughness. It has a variety of full-size tooth s... More
China Carbide blade manufacturer

Carbide blade

Grand Sea tungsten carbide cutting Disc size from from 13mm to 320mm in diameter with a thickness range of 0.25mm to 5mm. Application: For making circ... More
China Cemented Carbide Dies manufacturer

Cemented Carbide Dies

Carbide Cold Heading Dies is used on the cold forging machine, making the materials cutting, reforming, forming to the mould Recommandation Grade... More
China Carbide Substrates For PDC manufacturer

Carbide Substrates For PDC

Carbide substrates for PDC or PCBN compact, carbide substrates with diamond micron powder and CBN micron powder are used to compose PDC or PCBN compac... More
China Tungsten Carbide Plate/Blanks manufacturer

Tungsten Carbide Plate/Blanks

Grand Sea cemented carbide plate/blanks the common size of lengh*wide is 200*200mm. 150mm*150mm, 105*105m, 100*100mm. The common hight from .0.5~75mm ... More
China Tungsten Carbide Ball manufacturer

Tungsten Carbide Ball

Grand Sea cemented carbide carbide ball has two type, cylindrical and spherical. The carbide ba... More
China Carbide CNC Insert Tips manufacturer

Carbide CNC Insert Tips

Ganzhou Grand Sea Cemented Carbide Co,.Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Ganzhou Grand Sea Group which is Sino-foreign joint venture invested by K... More
China Tungsten Carbide RTP Powder manufacturer

Tungsten Carbide RTP Powder

Ready-to-Press tungsten carbide powders are free flowing powders ready to use as starting materials in the production of cemented carbide. Grand sea C... More