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DMP 2023| Grand Sea Cemented Carbide Exhibition Scene

DMP 2023| Grand Sea Cemented Carbide Exhibition Scene

Susie 2023-11-30 14:29:45

With technology and innovation as its core, DMP is committed to connecting technology and industry, becoming a platform for cooperation between the industry and the entire ecosystem. The exhibits cover various fields such as CNC machine tools, CNC tools, mold manufacturing, 3D printing, precision parts, hardware tools and metal materials. With its large scale, wide range of categories and large number of visitors, the exhibition has been trusted by the industry and has become a bellwether for technological innovation in advanced manufacturing in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The debut of the Grand Sea new brand Gransella attracted many new and old customers domestic and abroad, and an endless stream of visitors. At this exhibition, Grand Sea cemented carbide launched innovative and advantageous products including: Finished Carbide insert-Grandcera , carbide insert blanks, fine grinding round rods, lithium battery slitting knives, non-standard preform carbide parts.


Grand Sea cemented carbide focuses on product research and development, and constantly innovates, attracting the attention of many viewers with unique product advantages. The company's business team has always been enthusiastic, carefully listening to customer needs, patiently explaining products for each customer, the whole interaction is non-stop, and the exhibition atmosphere is high.