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Main parameters of Cemented Carbide

  • Author:Susie
  • Source:originaity
  • Release on:2022-10-24

                       Main parameters of Cemented Carbide

●硬度 Hardness
The ability of the material to locally resist hard objects pressed into its surface is called hardness,mainly using Rockwell or Vickers hardness measurement method,two kinds of hardness value conversion need to pay attention to conversion.

●矫顽磁力 Coercive Field Strength
Coercive Field Strength is a measure of the residual magnetism in the hysteresis loop when the Cobalt (Co) binder in grade of cemented carbide is magnetized and then demagnetized. It can be used to assess the status of alloy organization. The finer the grain size of the carbide phase the higher will be the coercive force value.

●磁饱和 Magnetic Saturation
磁饱和是最大磁化强度与质量的比值,通过测定硬质合金中具有磁性的钴(Co)粘结相的磁饱和,可以评定合金组份。低磁饱和值表示合金含碳量低,或者含有 η 相碳化物,高磁饱和值表示存在“游离碳或石墨”。
Magnetic Saturation:is the ratio of magnetic intensity to quality. Magnetic Saturation measurements on the Cobalt (Co)binder phase in cemented carbide are used by the industry to evaluate its composition. Low Magnetic Saturation values indicate a low carbon level and/or the presence of Eta-Phase Carbides. High Magnetic Saturation values indicate the presence of“free-carbon”.

●密度 Density
材料的密度(比重)是材料质量与其体积的比率,使用液体置换法进行测定,硬质合金密度随 WC-Co 相中钴含量增加而减小。
The Density (specific gravity) of a material is the ratio of its mass to its volume. It is measured using a water displacement technique. Cemented carbide density decreases linearly with increasing Cobalt content for the Wc-Co grades.

●抗弯强度 Transverse Rupture Strength
Transverse Rupture Strength(TRS) is the ability of material to resist bending,measured at t he breaking point of amaterial in a standard three point bend test.

●断裂韧性 Fracture toughness
当材料曝露在外部应力时(静态或动态),这会导致力学张力的出现。断裂韧性表征材料阻止裂纹扩展的能力,也就是材料抵抗破碎和断裂的能力,通常用 KIC 表示。
When materials are exposed to external stresses(static or dynamic), this results in the appearance of mechanical tension.
Fracture toughness characterizes the ability of a material to prevent crack propagation,that is, the ability of a material to resist breakage and fracture, and is usually expressed as KIC.

●金相 Metallographic Analysis
Cobalt Lakes will bond after sintering, excess cobalt may exist in certain area of the structure, forming the cobalt pool; If bonding phase is incompletely adhesive, there will form some residual pores. Cobalt pools and porosity can be detected by using metallographic microscope.