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Notice of delayed opening

Notice of delayed opening

Susie original 2020-02-02 13:20:34

Dear customers and partners,

In line with the national requirements for the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemics related to the new type of coronavirus infection and the "Urgency message to delay the resumption of work and the start of school" of the Ganzhou People's Government, our company actively responded to the request to reduce the Pneumonia To ensure the safety and health of all my colleagues, customers and partners, the company decided:Delayed opening until February 10th

The Chinese government is currently taking the strongest measures and everything is under control. Believe in our motherland, believe in our government, believe in the medical personnel who are at the forefront, believe that we will soon be able to overcome the epidemic and everything will very soon return to normal !

Happy new year to all family members, friends, customers and partners! Healthy and safe! We look forward to a better meeting in 2020!