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Carbide Circular blade cutter for Lithium Battery Cutting

Carbide Circular blade cutter for Lithium Battery Cutting

Susie originaity 2023-04-23 16:33:24

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the new-energy lithium battery industry and the accelerating pace of technological innovation, the slitting requirements for lithium battery products are increasingly high, such as service life, product quality, etc., ordinary high-speed steel saw blades have been unable to meet the daily processing needs, and carbide circle blades with higher hardness, strength and better wear resistance have been more and more widely used.


Carbide Circular blade cutter are mainly used in electrode and diaphragm industries of lithium batteries, and are important scutters in battery electrode and diaphragm scutters. Grand Sea Cemented Carbide, relying on the strong technical research and development strength of Grand Sea Tungsten Industry and professional technical team, adopts various processing technologies, supply various conditions, stable quality of the carbide cutter materials to meet the requirement of  customers.


Grade Recommendation:




Grand Sea Advantage:


1. Complete tungsten industry chain, stable quality

2, the tolerance is controlled within 10μ, the inner and outer diameter tolerance is less than other manufacturers in the same line

3. Large scale, sufficient production capacity, independent operation of segmented products; 

4. Professional sales and technical team, quick response

5. Professional R & D technical team can cooperate with customers for new product research and development to provide the best solutions.