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DIP for 330mm/310mm Grinded Tungsten Carbide Rod

DIP for 330mm/310mm Grinded Tungsten Carbide Rod

Susie originaity 2023-04-04 15:49:27
The fine grinding carbide rod produced by Grand Sea Cemented Carbide is well recognized by domestic and foreign customers because of its stable quality and excellent performance. In addition to our use of European fining technology, it is also because of our unique DIP process.

Grand Sea Cemented Carbide is the only manufacturer using DIP(Dry Isostatic Pressing) process to produce cemented carbide longrods.The DIP process offers these advantages over traditional extrusion processes:

1.1.High Density
2.Even Density the whole body
3.Complex shape available
4.Low forming agent,simple process control
5.High perfomance product

Correspondingly, DIP processes are less efficient, more costly, and more expensive