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Chairman of Grand Sea group is elected second president of the Tungsten Association

  • Author:Susie
  • Source:Grand Sea Group Website
  • Release on:2019-08-02
The meeting of the Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association were held in the morning of December 5th at the Shanshui Building Hotel in Ganzhou. The membership meeting was attended by representatives from nearly 64 companies. At the meeting, elected the second board of directors,president and vice president. Zeng Qingning, chairman of Ganzhou Grand Sea group is elected the second president of the association.

In the past 13 years, the tungsten industry in Ganzhou has undergone huge changes. The industrial structure has been dominated by mining and selection industry in the past 100 years, then it has begun to extend to the smelting and processing industry. Well-known large enterprises at home and abroad have successively settled in Ganzhou, and local tungsten enterprises have gradually become bigger and stronger. It has formed a unique distribution center and main production area of China's tungsten raw materials and smelting and processing products, as well as a relatively complete tungsten industry system including mining, smelting, geological exploration, equipment manufacturing, inspection and testing, R&D and design, education and training.Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association has been accompanied Ganzhou Tungsten Industry for 13 years.

China's economy is in the stage of overlapping growth period and structural adjustment pain period. The tungsten industry in Ganzhou will face several challenges. The tungsten enterprises in Ganzhou will follow the trend of the times and accelerate the transformation and upgrading, creat a new chapter together in 2019!

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