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Notice on Adjustment of Product Price

Notice on Adjustment of Product Price

Susie originaity 2022-02-15 14:12:42
Dear Clients,

Thank you for your always good support!

Due to the continuous and rapid rising in the prices of tungsten carbide and cobalt, which are thethe main raw materials of cemented carbide, and the shortage of market supply, our production costs iscontinuing rising, which brought great pressure to the normal operation of the company.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the company and maintain long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the two parties, after careful consideration, our company has decided to adjust the price of cemented carbide products from 2020/02/20. For details, please discuss with our salesman!

Looking forward to your support and understanding for this price adjustment!

Our company will also continue to improve, produce higher quality products and provide better services to give back to our customers for your good support and love!